Sunday, January 26, 2020


Enjoyed recording my fourth audio commentary last night, with fellow film historian Lee Gambin for Kino Lorber's upcoming Blu-ray release of Calvin Floyd's documentary feature IN SEARCH OF DRACULA (1975), narrated by and starring one of the screen's most iconic Counts, Christopher Lee. So much to talk about and try to cram in, a second commentary track could have easily been recorded for it. Always better to have too much material than not enough, of course. During a discussion of Dracula's infiltration into all corners of pop culture in the 70s (via breakfast cereals like Couny Chocula and the GROOVIE GHOULIES cartoon show), I was hoping to cover a few more things like the narrated story records, Dracula in 70s comic books and pulp paperbacks, as well as of course the infamous Genuine Soil from Dracula's Castle amulet sold via the pages of FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND. Maybe in a follow-up article following the Blu-ray's release later this year...


Thanks so much to Simon Foster for interviewing me about my new book on Marjoe Gortner (WILDCAT!) for his terrific Screen-Space website! Check it out at the link below and take some time to explore the other great articles, interviews and reviews which Simon has on his site. Click on the link below to read.