Friday, August 11, 2023


Received my contributor's copy of this stunning new box set from Arrow. ENTER THE VIDEO STORE: EMPIRE OF SCREAMS collects five films from Charles Band's Empire Pictures (DOLLS, ROBOT JOX, THE DUNGEONMASTER, CELLAR DWELLER, ARENA) and packages them in a wonderful box that recreates the video store experience of the past. Packed with extra features, postcards, a video store membership card, and a cool book with writings on the five films. I got to contribute the essay on ROBOT JOX for this release. Looking forward to checking this set out...might start with THE DUNGEONMASTER for a matinee movie.

New CINEMA OF THE '70s Article!

The latest issue of CINEMA OF THE '70s (#9) is now out and looks like another absolute beauty! I contributed a nine-page article on some of my fave movie magazines from that decade, but there are lots of other pieces in it that I am looking forward to reading, including coverage of CAPRICORN ONE, BEYOND THE VALLEY OF THE DOLLS, DUEL, Raquel Welch, GRAND THEFT AUTO, and much more! 100 full color pages, available from Amazon in most regions.


I can finally bar up, now that my contributor's copy of HOUSEBOAT HORROR has arrived! This notorious 1989 Australian cheapie is a very divisive one amongst horror fans...either way, the stunning job which Umbrella have done with their new collector's edition of this infamous Banned-In-Queensland wonder cannot be denied. I got to contribute an essay on Melbourne's "Shot On Video" underground filmmaking scene of the 1980s and early-90s, which is included in the book that comes as part of this set (and Queenslander Andrew Leavold gets to contribute a look at the whole Banned-In-Queensland home video hysteria of that time). There's also a terrific essay by Emma Westwood, paying tribute to the brains behind the film, the late Ollie Martin. Thanks to Michael Helms and Mark Savage for their help with providing some important info for my essay, and special congrats to Ben Hellwig and Jarret Gahan for their incredible work on this set.

A TALE OF TWO SISTERS Blu-ray Booklet Essay

Was great to work on Umbrella's lovely new deluxe edition Blu-ray release of Kim Jee-woon's beautifully haunting Korean folk ghost story, A TALE OF TWO SISTERS (2003). I contributed an 18-page essay, entitled "Bringing the Frost: An Overview of Contemporary Korean Horror Cinema", to the 48-page perfect bound book that is included in the release.

WITNESS Blu-Ray from Arrow

Super proud to be a part of this upcoming release from Arrow. Peter Weir's WITNESS (1985) is one of the great crime thrillers and character studies of the 80s, as well as a superlative "fish out of water" story, and one of Harrison Ford's best performances. It was the film which emphatically proved there was more to Ford as an actor and screen character than just Han Solo and Indiana Jones. I wrote an essay on the film for the 60-page perfect bound book that comes as part of the set, which is due for release in October (local Aus peeps can pre-order through Cinemaniacs). Great to also be amongst such other great talent as Staci Layne WilsonDennis CapicikJarret GahanAmanda Reyes and others, who appear elsewhere on the wide range of supplementary features that were assembles and produced for this release by Lee Gambin