Tuesday, February 28, 2023


I take a sneak peek at Chris Alexander's excellent upcoming Headpress book, examining the eight Edgar Allan Poe film adaptations which Roger Corman directed in the 1960s. New over at FilmInk, click on the link below to read. CORMAN/POE Book Review


Very much enjoyed Denise McKinney latest novel. The story of a handsome, rich British vampire and his adventures in 1982 Hollywood, SUNSET CAPRI creates a pleasing, singular voice with its mix of eclectic influences - think a mélange of Anne Rice, Ian Fleming, and Quentin Tarantino, as if written by an MTV VJ who also freelances for the L. A. WEEKLY. Apart from the undead Nigel, McKinney populates her novel with a roster of intriguing Hollywood fringe characters, like Veronica the punk rocker/struggling writer, and Peter the wanna-be big-shot showbiz agent, characters who live within the apartment walls of the mid-century modern block that give the book its title.

McKinney is certainly familiar with the history and the music of the book's era and location, and this knowledge really lends an authenticity to the novel's sense of time and place. It will bring a nostalgic pang to those who lived through it, while also making it palpable to those who didn't. It's also a very funny novel, I chuckled quite a few times, both at lines of dialogue as well as character thoughts and observations. There is a definite edge of biting sarcasm to McKinney's humor, yet at the same time you can tell she has a genuine love for the era and it's detail. And while it is more of a pulpy, pop character study than a horror novel, it still delivers some atmosphere and a couple of memorable vampiric moments.
The book also has a QR code at the front, to download a suggested playlist to enjoy while reading. It's a nice selection and adds a fun, interactive element to the novel, of course I supplemented it with my own selections.
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