Wednesday, December 21, 2022


Excited to announce I will be providing the booklet essays for these two upcoming Blu-ray sets from Umbrella Entertainment, due out in February 2023 and now up for pre-order.


New WE BELONG DEAD featuring Carnival Horror!

Received my contributor's copy of the new WE BELONG DEAD (#32) from the UK today. 88 glossy full-colour pages, including my nine-page article on circus, carnival and amusement park horror/exploitation cinema (taking in such films as FREAKS, CARNIVAL OF SOULS, SHE-FREAK, Steckler's INCREDIBLY STRANGE CREATURES, FUNHOUSE, and more). Looks like lots of other good stuff that I am looking forward to getting into over a cup of hot tea later tonight, especially anticipating the pieces on THE NIGHT STALKER, Robert Bloch's cinematic chillers, the interview with Judy Matheson by Simon J. Ballard, and a look at Clint Eastwood's genre contributions by Ian Taylor (a timely article for me, since I have been on a bit of a Clint kick of late).

Congrats to all the WBD team for another superb effort, and a top first-up job for new editor, Darrell Buxton. See link below for ordering info.


Just in time for Christmas! Santa delivered my contributor's copy of CHOPPED MEAT, the massive new full-colour tome from editors Darrell Buxton and Eric McNaughton. I was thrilled to contribute a number of essays to this book, and proud to be included alongside many other fine writers in the finished product, which looks stunning. Covering British horror cinema of the 1970s, including British co-productions filmed outside of the country, the films I have written about for this book are: HANDS OF THE RIPPER (1971), FRENZY (1972), THE POSSESSION OF JOEL DELANEY (1972), HOUSE OF WHIPCORD (1974), FRIGHTMARE (1974), TINOTERA (1977), and ALIEN (1979).

I believe the hardcover edition of CHOPPED MEAT is already sold out, so get in quick if you want to snag one of the remaining softcover editions. Link below.