Sunday, December 17, 2023


Thrilled to receive my comp copy of the stunning new Blu-ray release from Treasured Films in the UK, MAUSOLEUM (1983). For this deluxe release I contributed a 20-minute video essay on the film's enigmatic male star, Marjoe Gortner (who was the subject of my last book, WILDCAT!). This was my first video essay and while I am always a little uncomfortable being on camera (especially on a stinking hot day such as this one was filmed on), I still had fun and appreciated the opportunity, and very grateful to Jarret Gahan and Chris Chappell for their invaluable assistance. Haha, the end credits on the featurette even includes some outtakes of me whinging and complaining about the heat, and wishing Treasured had just asked me to do a standard booklet essay instead! But it is all a good learning experience, and I am happy to be doing more work for the company moving forward. Order MAUSOLEUM Here!