Friday, May 21, 2010


Hard to believe it's been almost TWENTY years since an issue of Betty Paginated first filtered through my mailbox. A lot has happened in the world (and in my life) during that time, but it's great to see Dann Lennard still with a fire in his belly, spewing out his views on all the tangents of pop culture which pique his interest - specifically, movies, music, wrestling, comics and porn, along with some more personalised reflections on what has been going on in his life since the last issue surfaced a couple of years back (including a collapsed lung and dose of glandular fever that struck him in 2009).

Standout pieces from the latest issue include an in-depth review of Mark Hartley's brilliant Ozploitation documentary Not Quite Hollywood (written by fellow zinester Kami), a (justified) rant against comic books artists stealing other peoples' work (including Nick 'son of Gene' Simmons), interviews with veteran Aussie film stuntman Grant Page (Mad Max, The Man from Hong Kong), and Watchmen artist Dave Gibbons, wild 80s pro-wrestler Chris Colt, and much more within it's 36 pages (not to mention all the freebie comics, zines and other goodies Dann usually throws in).

Check it out!