Saturday, December 27, 2014


It’s taken me long enough, but I recently decided to start watching American Horror Story, naturally starting from scratch. So far I have gone through the first season (Murder House) and am about half-way through the second (Asylum). I don’t think Asylum is as effective or engrossing as Murder House, at least thus far. The characters aren’t as interesting and the plot tends to go way over the top due to its sanatorium setting. Murder House had a bit more subtlety to it, a more pervasive mood of the supernatural, and characters that I felt more invested in. But Asylum still has it’s great moments, and a pretty creepy performance by James Cromwell, and Jessica Lange is exceptional in both seasons...I’m looking forward to eventually catching-up with third (Coven) and especially the current fourth season, Freakshow.

Especially nice to see Jennifer Salt as one of the producers and writers on the show...I always thought the former actress was pretty cute and radiated an early-seventies naturalness about her, particularly as Cornel Wilde’s daughter in the 1972 telemovie Gargoyles, which was a bit of a late, late show weekend favourite when I was a kid.