Friday, November 25, 2016


Had a late-night screening of the new Grindhouse Blu-ray release of David Durston's infamous hippie horror film I Drink Your Blood (1971) last night, and what a magnificent job they have done on it! The beautiful, lurid seediness of the film has never looked clearer than on Grindhouse's HD transfer of the original X-rated cut of the film, and they have packed this two disc release with a stunning array of special features, including the original theatrical cut, deleted scenes (including the original and more downbeat ending), trailer and radio spot, the German Super 8mm digest home movie editions, interviews and footage from recent drive-in and grindhouse screenings, and so much more, including HD bonus feature films of I Eat Your Skin (a B&W 1964 Del Tenney film which was picked-up and retitled as a co-feature to I Drink Your Blood) and Blue Sextet, David Durston's rare psychedelic shocker from 1969.

The first 3000 copies of the Blu-ray also include a cool, carded I Drink Your Blood horror hypo syringe, so you can play your own version of "Let's give rabies to the dirty hippies" in your own home!

This is the definitive release of this remakable exploitation film, a true product of its era and not just a great counterculture horror but the best grindhouse film the capture the vibe of the Manson Family killings, which had occured two years earlier and was still very fresh in the public's mind (and fears). Looking forward to the upcoming local release of the disc from Ex Film, who will also be putting it out as a limited edition VHS in tribute to the original early-eighties home video release of the movie on the Media label.