Wednesday, October 18, 2017


This new Netflix drama produced by David Fincher (who also directed four of the first ten episodes) is just superb and compelling filmmaking all-round. Based on the life and career of legendary FBI agent John Douglas - who in the 1970s was the first person to believe that interviewing incarcerated serial killers could help predict behavior patterns, break unsolved murder cases and identify potential offenders before they have the chance to act - everything from the performances to the writing, music and unobtrusive 70s detail is so succinctly constructed here. It's a slow-burn for sure, more ZODIAC than SE7EN, but I am perfectly fine with that, especially since ZODIAC is my favourite Fincher film. The scenes where the two lead FBI agents interview Ed Kemper and Richard Speck in their prisons have moments of nuance to them that are absolutely chilling.

Already eager for the second season.