Saturday, March 17, 2018


Alex Garland's ANNIHILATION (2018) is another beautifully cerebral, thought-provoking and at times terrifying science-fiction thriller from the writer/director of the brilliant EX MACHINA. It's a true reflection on the sad state of current cinema distribution that ANNIHILATION was deemed "not commercial enough" for threatrical screenings outside of the US. Instead it has gone straight to Netflix in Australia and is available to view right now, and is well-worth doing so asap. Led by stars Natalie Portman and Jennifer Jason Leigh, ANNIHILATION may not quite be the emotional stunner that EX MACHINA was, but it is totally seductive and gripping, a simple idea over which layers of complexity are slowly and effectively added. There's a few stunningly beautiful visual moments in the film that are composed like classic abstract and surreal paintings, not to mention a nail-biting monster attack that comes with an aural accompaniment that is truly unnerving. Delivering on its title, ANNIHILATION will wipe you out.