Saturday, August 13, 2016


Earlier this year I was lucky enough to get the job writing the booklet essays for local Blu-ray releases from Glass Doll Films of Thirst (1979) and Dead Kids (1982). I am happy to announce that I have been asked back to compose the essays for two more of the company's upcoming releases from the vaults of the legendary Australian exploitation producer Antony I. Ginnane.
The movies I will be writing about this time around are Snapshot (1979), a Simon Wincer-directed thriller starring a young Sigrid Thornton as a fashion model stalked by a psycho driving a Mr. Whippy ice cream van. This was the film that was released in the USA under the completely misleading title of The Day After Halloween. It was also released as One More Minute.
The other release I will be working on is The Survivor (1981), a big-budget (for Australian cinema at the time) adaptation of James Herbert's 1976 supernatural horror novel of the same name, directed by actor David Hemmings and featuring Joseph Cotten in his final role.
Am looking forward to diving in and and re-evaluating these two films. Have dug out my paperback tie-in of Snapshot and Signet printing of The Survivor to re-read, and digging up some exotic poster art, such as these two samples from Thailand (Snapshot) and Turkey (The Survivor).
The first of these two films should see release from Glass Doll towards the end of the year (which suddenly doesn't seem that far off).