Saturday, August 20, 2016


Looking over some of my contributions to the latest issue of Weng's Chop (#9), which arrived in the post today. Apart from my own pieces (including some blaxploitation reviews and an article on 70s disaster movies, accompanied by an interview with Marneen Fields regarding her acting and stuntwork on several big disaster flicks), there is a stack of great-looking stuff in this massive 234 page issue.
Nice to see a strong Australian presence within its pages, with a continuation of Andrew Leavold's examination of Filipino action/exploitation filmmaker Bobby Suarez, and an interview with Mark Savage regarding his latest (excellent) feature film, Stressed to Kill.
Canadian writer/artist/publisher/adult film historian Robin Bougie (Cinema Sewer) is also interviewed in this issue, Dawn Dabell examines the 1970 British-West German film Deep End, and I'm especially looking forward to reading Stephen Bissette's article on vintage adult paperbacks that revolved around a horror theme.
There's a less expensive B&W edition of Weng's Chop available, but I strongly recommend forking out the extra bucks for the full color edition if you can. It looks stunning and the pages just pop out at you. A great job by designer Tim Paxton and the rest of the WC team (Tony Strauss, Brian Harris, et al).