Sunday, February 16, 2014


Finally got the chance to check-out American Hustle yesterday, in what must be it's final days in local cinemas. I didn't find the story (based on the true events behind the FBI's ABSCAM operation of the late-70s) to be all that intriguing or exciting, but what drew me into the movie were the terrific characterisations and performances, particularly from an Oscar-worthy Amy Adams (she seems much more comfortable here than as Lois Lane), Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper, Jeremy Renner (his huge combed-back bouffant making him look like Snake from The Simpsons) and Jennifer Lawrence (who provides a good deal of the film's humour). Nice to hear a Danny Elfman score that didn't instantly sound like a Danny Elfman score. Worth checking out if you want to enjoy a great ensemble piece set amongst the polyester smoothness of the late-70s.