Sunday, February 16, 2014


While I'm not all that excited about the actual film, it's still great to see a piece of William Castle style promotion come along every now and then. To coincide with the local release of the Australian horror sequel Wolf Creek 2 this week, Roadshow Films has set up an Exhibition of Lost Souls at the Southern Cross train station in Melbourne. 

The experience lasts about five minutes and is designed like two metal shipping containers, which you get led into before having the door locked. Between moments of pitch darkness, you can see bloodstained photos lining the walls, which I'm guessing is a display of all the victims of Mick Taylor, the outback killer featured in the movie (played by John Jarratt). Ambient noises and sound effects build atmosphere as a slideshow starts playing on the ceiling of the container, showing passports of missing backpackers as we hear their voices describing their final moments. The whole thing ends with a bit of shadowy violence and gore happening up on the ceiling projection, before you are led out the back exit and presented with a photo of yourself standing inside the exhibition. 

The Exhibition of Lost Souls will be there in Melbourne until Feb 19. I'm not sure if there are others set-up across the country.