Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Now up to its 37th issue, Liquid Cheese is an A4 size fanzine published by Dave Kosanke out of Franklin, Wisconsin. Printed in full color, it reflects the feel and attitude of the classic old-school zines of the 1980's and 90's, but with a slightly slicker and more professional edge.

Behind its original Slasher Dave cover art and within it’s 54 pages, the latest issue of Liquid Cheese contains such fine pieces as a nice memorial to the late Mike Vraney of Something Weird Video, a fantastic in-depth look at the making of Barrel Entertainment’s classic 2002 DVD release of Last House on Dead End Street (written by John Walter Szpunar, the author of Xerox Ferox and one of the head honchos of Barrel), and a career retrospective of the late Angelique Pettyjohn (whose very psychotronic filmmography encompassed everything from episodes of Star Trek and Batman to the horror trash of Mad Doctor of Blood Island and even 1980s XXX sinema like Titillation and Body Talk).

There is also lots of reviews of movies old (Ants, The Redeemer) and recent (Among Friends, I Spit on your Grave 2), music and book/magazine reviews and more! Dave also includes a very nice review of my Blood on the Windscreen booklet, as well as a little sidebar blurb from me, discussing the project and my strange attraction to the vintage Driver’s Ed film genre).

You can order Liquid Cheese (as well as back issues and copies of Dave’s zine devoted to vintage adult entertainment, T.O.S.S.), from the online store at the link below. It’s more than worth the measly five bucks cover price!