Saturday, April 19, 2014


Finally got around to uploading a clip of my appearance on a 2009 episode of the Australian Collectors TV rights given or implied, if I've done something wrong I'm sure the powers that be will take it down (though there are certainly plenty of other clips and segments from the show available on You Tube). A bit embarrassing to look back on this segment and think of the things I could have stated a whole lot better, but it was still a fun experience, especially having the crew over and seeing them lighting and filming parts of my collection. The series was probably at its most popular at this point (this was still a few years before the young host's sordid public downfall, after which the show never really recovered).

They could have used a better choice of music for it - I kept offering them a loan of some of my Las Vegas Grind and Jungle Exotica comps. Though I do love the cheesy haunted house style 'woooohhhhh' sound effect they use when the camera zooms in on my Manson collection. And I don't know why they found the spines of my Will Ferrall DVDs to be so interesting they just had to include a shot of them above any other stuff they could have found around them.